C.A. ASBREY. Innocent as Sin

C.A. ASBREY. Innocent as Sin. Prairie Rose Publications. prairierosepublications.com 277 pages; Kindle $5.62 and Paperback $14.99

Nat Quinn and Jake Conroy are just doing their job—robbing a bank. But when Nat sees Pinkerton agent Abigail MacKay is already there, he knows something isn’t right. Is she on the trail of The Innocents again, or has she turned up in Everlasting, Wyoming, by coincidence? Abi can’t believe her bad luck. Nat and Jake are about to make her true identity known, and botch the undercover job she has carefully prepared for—a job she’s been working on for months. The Innocents and Abigail MacKay must work together to solve a murder case, but they’re still best enemies.