MICHAEL CHANDLER. Kincade’s Blood. Amazon.com. 224 pages; hardback, $19.43, e-book, $13.80, amazon.com. Bushwhacked by the crazed and ruthless outlaw Wil Logan, Kincade could die within the next few moments. Raised by an old Indian, Kincade knows survival. A skilled gunfighter, Kincade swears revenge on Logan, one of the west’s most brutal terrorists. The chase is […]


MICHAEL CHANDLER and LOAHNA CHANDLER. Kincade’s Fear. Amazon.com. 352 pages; hardback, $19.85, e-book, $0.99, amazon.com. Now a U.S. Marshal, Kincade wades into the seamy pits of Tombstone.  Far beyond the ruthless bandits, murderers, and corrupt politicians, Kincade meets the darkest and most dangerous foe of his lifetime. Its terrifying power pushes Kincade into a blackness […]


ELAINE COLEMAN. The Gamble. Amazon.com. 241 pages; paperback, $15.95, amazon.com. Chase Broussard gambled that he could start all over after the War Between the States. He gambled with his money and his life. Katherine Wilson gambled that she could find a better life after being traded off by her father for food for the rest […]

BOB GIEL. The Last Battle

BOB GIEL. The Last Battle. Amazon Digital Services. 72 pages; ebook, $2.99, amazon.com. War has been equated to hell. A more cogent description may be that war is the breeding ground for the private hell that each participant experiences in the aftermath of war. This is a story of one man’s private hell, the eruption […]

TESSA GRAY. Last Chance Texas

TESSA GRAY. Last Chance Texas. Amazon.com. 241 pages; paperback, $12.99, e-book, $5.99, amazon.com. Kelsey Malone’s dream of becoming a single mother through in vitro are put on hold when she enters into a relationship with widower, Nathan Wainwright—a man whose desire for children clashes with hers. As Nathan’s affection for Kelsey grows, he soon realizes […]

MONETTE BEBOW-REINHARD. Mystic Fire: A Bonanza/Civil War Novel

Monette Bebow-Reinhard. Mystic Fire: A Bonanza/Civil War Novel. Amazon Digital, 292 pages, paperback, $14.99; Kindle, $4.99. Lincoln’s war comes to the Ponderosa when “runaway slaves” come to Nevada for help. They don’t want to be sent to other countries. Hoss comes to the rescue of a woman who insists her husband is trying to kill […]

PAUL N. SPELLMAN. Old 300: Gone To Texas

PAUL N. SPELLMAN. Old 300: Gone To Texas. Amazon.com. 468 pages; paperback $25.95, e-book $9.99; Amazon.com. This is the saga of the journeys of Texas’ First Colonists, 1811-1824. Three hundred families contracted to empresario Stephen F. Austin, making their way across the American Frontier – where they came from, why they came, how they got […]