JOSEPH DORRIS. Salmon River Kid

JOSEPH DORRIS. Salmon River Kid. 388 pages; paperback, $22.95, “This country don’t care how old you are, it will kill you just the same.” Samuel remembered his father’s words, but it was the murder he had witnessed and the Chinese gold that now threaten Samuel’s life. Set in Idaho’s 1870’s Warren’s gold camp […]

JOSEPH DORRIS. Sojourner of Warren’s Camp

JOSEPH DORRIS. Sojourner of Warren’s Camp. iUniverse. $18.95, Well-researched novel set in Idaho Territory’s wild and partly lawless mining town of Warren’s Camp.


MYRA HARGRAVE MCILVAIN. Stein House. 288 pages, softcover, $20.99. Helga Heinrich and her children sail into Indianola, Texas, in 1853, determined to overcome the legacy of the drowning as the ship left the German port. Helga operates Stein House for boarders of all stripes whose involvement in a town on the edge of frontier […]