BRETT COGBURN. Panhandle. Pinnacle. This Spur winning novel offers up a cast of complex characters in complicated relationships far removed from the simplistic caricatures so common in traditional Westerns.

ANDREW J. FENADY. Destiny Made Them Brothers

ANDREW J. FENADY. Destiny Made Them Brothers. Pinnacle. Hardcover 352 pages, $25.149, Kindle $4.99 They met on the battlefields of Vicksburg. General Ulysses S. Grant, George Armstrong Custer, and the Rebel Johnny Yuma.  Three men united by fate – in a nation divided by war – they were dedicated to freedom, driven to extremes, and […]


C. COURTNEY JOYNER. Shotgun. Pinnacle. Mass market paperback, 314 pages, $6.99, Civil War veteran Dr. John Bishop is on the vengeance trail, riding with a beautiful Cheyenne woman in pursuit of the gang of cutthroats that butchered his family and cut off the doctor’s right hand. The trail will lead him to renegades from […]