R.G. YOHO. Death Comes to Redhawk

R.G. YOHO. Death Comes to Redhawk. White Feather Press. Paperback, 257 pages, $16.95, whitefeatherpress.com. After spending seven years in Yuma Prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Kellen Malone finally gains his freedom. Dodging wily Apaches and the men who were sent to kill him, Malone makes his way across the desert, returning to Redhawk […]

R.G. YOHO. The Evil Day

R.G. YOHO. The Evil Day. White Feather Press. Paperback, 186 pages, $15.95, whitefeatherpress. When his friend, Joe Clements, is ambushed and the man’s wife is kidnapped, Kellen Malone is forced to confront an Old West-version of a serial killer. And during his quest to find Joe’s wife and gain vengeance for his friend, Malone’s own […]