DUSTY RICHARDS. Chaparral Range War

Richards,-Dusty---Chaparral-Range-WarDUSTY RICHARDS. Chaparral Range War. Berkley. Mass-market paperback, eBook, 266 pages, $6.99, $5.98, www.us.penguingroup.com.

Recently retired as a Texas Ranger, Phillip Guthrey heads across southern New Mexico looking for a place to find day work on a cow outfit and settle down for a while. Stopping in Steward’s Crossing for a drink to cut his thirst, he comes upon two gunmen preparing to have a shootout with a young man that Guthrey sees as just a boy, no match for the gunslingers. He lives by a strong principle about right and wrong, and two toughs bracing a kid not qualified for a shootout is all wrong in Guthrey’s book.