JOANN ROE. San Juan Islands: Into the 21st Century. Caxton Press. Softcover 248 pages, . $16.95.

From a fifty-year resident’s viewpoint, The San Juan Islands: Into the 21st Century examines this remote yet oft-visited northwest corner of Washington State.  The author tells of farming lavender rather than wheat and alpacas rather than cattle; of interisland boats and barges that still fight stormy seas and riptide; of the development of reliable medical care only during the 1950s; of the emphasis today on sensible land management, the orca whales that are native to the area, the Christmas ship, and the former and current identity of these island people.  JoAnn Roe explores both the history and the present day life of this unique and alluring region.  Until this book, much has been written about the “Pig War,” of the mid-1800s, an altercation and border dispute between the United States and Great Britain (Canada).  Little had been published beyond local outlets about what has happened from the 1900s to the present, except for numerous travel guides. Learn more about Roe at or on social media.