ANDREW J. FENADY. Destiny Made Them Brothers


ANDREW J. FENADY. Destiny Made Them Brothers. Pinnacle. Hardcover 352 pages, $25.149, Kindle $4.99

They met on the battlefields of Vicksburg. General Ulysses S. Grant, George Armstrong Custer, and the Rebel Johnny Yuma.  Three men united by fate – in a nation divided by war – they were dedicated to freedom, driven to extremes, and destined for greatness. Of the three, Johnny Yuma was the most elusive.  A Confederate soldier during the war, he was about to play a key role in Grant’s victory for the Union, Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, and Custer’s deadly campaigns in the West.  With a ready finger on the trigger, and a steady aim on both sides of history, his life is the stuff of legend.  But the truth has never been told – until now.