Blue Wood Publishing

DAN STRAWN. Black Wolf’s Return

DAN STRAWN. Black Wolf’s Return. Blue Wood Publishing. Paperback, 328 pages, $12, bluewoodpublishing.com.

A tale of a three hundred year struggle for survival bound by common dreams comes to a conclusion in Hell’s Canyon. Nominated for a 2014 book award by the


DAN STRAWN. Isaac’s Gun—An American Tale

DAN STRAWN. Isaac’s Gun—An American Tale. Blue Wood Publishing. Paperback, 225 pages, $12.99, bluewoodpublishing.com.

In 2006 Megan Holcomb inherits the journals of her grandfather and great grandfather. Like looking back in time through a telescope, they take her to San Diego in


DAN STRAWN. Lame Bird’s Legacy

DAN STRAWN. Lame Bird’s Legacy. Blue Wood Publishing. Paperback, 188 pages, $11.99, bluewoodpublishing.com.

Lame Bird, Private Ramsey, Rides Well, General Howard, Otter, and a cast of others, both real and fictional, find their lives intertwined in the drama and pathos of the