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C.A. ASBREY. Innocent as Sin

C.A. ASBREY. Innocent as Sin. Prairie Rose Publications. prairierosepublications.com 277 pages; Kindle $5.62 and Paperback $14.99

Nat Quinn and Jake Conroy are just doing their job—robbing a bank. But when Nat sees Pinkerton agent Abigail MacKay is already there, he


C.A. ASBREY. The Innocents

C.A. ASBREY. The Innocents. Prairie Rose Publications. prairierosepublications.com/ 279 pages; Kindle $5.16 and Paperback $12.99

Pinkerton Detective Abigail MacKay is a master of disguises—and of new crime-solving technology, but she’ll have to move fast to stay a step ahead of


GAIL L. JENNER. Across the Sweet Grass Hills

GAIL L. JENNER. Across the Sweet Grass Hills. Prairie Rose Publications. Paperback, 252 pages, $10.80, prairierosepublications.

A romantic historical novel, this story covers the events leading to Montana’s infamous Baker’s Massacre of 1870. Liza Ralston finds herself drawn into the life of