CHARLES and MARY RAMSTETTER. Place Names and History of Ralston Buttes Quadrangle


CHARLES and MARY RAMSTETTER, Editors. John Gregory Country, Place Names and History of Ralston Buttes Quadrangle, Second Edition  (Revised, Updated, and Expanded). Trade Paperback, 392 page, $34, clazythreepress.com

In 1859, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, John Gregory washed four dollars worth of gold from a pan of dirt and turned Denver into a ghost town. Thousands followed in his footsteps — prospectors, road builders, shopkeepers, farmers schoolteachers, railroad men, dreamers all, pouring up Gregory’s trace like water rushing through a dike. This is their book, what they saw and what they named, from Coal Creek to Clear Creek, from Black Hawk Mountain eastward to the prairies.