DOUG HOCKING. Mystery of Chaco Canyon: Dan y Roque

DOUG HOCKING. Mystery of Chaco Canyon: Dan y Roque. Buckland Abbey. Trade paperback, 615 pages, $18.95.

One could classify the novel as historical fiction or science fiction as Doug Hocking weaves several years of history into a tapestry of legend and supposition. Knights Templar, Mormons, Conquistadors, Freemasons, Chinese seafarers and the Hebrew tribe of Dan are all part of the soup of this tale of the search for the Ark of the Covenant and the sacred treasure from King Solomon’s temple. Part Da Vinci Code, part Indiana Jones, with a touch of Cowboys and Aliens, this New Mexican adventure leads the reader to the Lincoln White House and Gettysburg as the treasured menorah of the temple seems to aid in the Union victory.