ELMER HERBERT. Ghost Riders of Bloody Creek

E. C. HERBERT. Ghost Riders of Bloody Creek. Createspace. 218 pages; paperback, $8.75.

In the late 1860s, Idaho City is the largest city in the American Northwest, a bustling mecca for those toiling away in the hot sun, desperate to find the next big strike of gold and a few nightly comforts. The men and women of Idaho City, eager for their own share of that hard-fought golden treasure, do their best to serve the needs of the frontier, but as in any boom town, there are those who wanted to make quick money free from the burden of an honest day’s work. This atmosphere draws outlaws, in particular a gang known as the Ghost Riders. Colton Baines Hawke, a retired Texas Ranger with a reputation as a drunkard, is hired to hunt some ghosts. It will take all of his Ranger experience and skill to solve this mystery