ELMER HERBERT. New Dawn at Twin Arrows

E. C. HERBERT. New Dawn at Twin Arrows. Createspace. 328 pages; paperback, $9.79; Kindle, $.99.

Growing up, Clarisse Ferris never expected the focus of her life would be vengeance. A child of a close family in the small town of Twin Arrows, Arizona, she knows that her life may be hard, but it turns out harder than she ever imagined. She and her sister, Savannah, have honorable, hardworking parents. Their mother owns a saloon known as the High Heel Lady, and their father is the town sheriff. But one tragic day in the late 1800s, when the girls are away, a gang of outlaws known as the Wranglers rides into town. At the end of a violent crime spree, Clarisse and Savannah are orphans. Clarisse swears an oath of vengeance against the Wranglers and leaves her old life and her sister behind. She becomes a bounty hunter, and a good one at that, before returning to Twin Arrows and taking on a new role.