J L GUIN. Drover’s Bounty


J L GUIN. Drover’s Bounty. Robert Hale Limited, Hardcover, 160 pages, $21.88, Amazon.com

When a card game goes awry, drover Sam Hall wrestles with proficient gunslinger J.D. Seldon and when the pistol goes off Seldon is killed.  After collecting the $500 bounty on Seldon’s head, Hall travels to Wichita where he is befriended by a young Wyatt Earp and meets an enchanting young woman.  But J.D.’s older brother, Ben, is bent on revenge, and has issued his own bounty, on Sam Hall’s head.  With gunslingers and hardcases dogging Sam’s every move, there is only one way out of this situation.  He must find, and face down, Ben Seldon.