JIRI CERNIK. The Trail of the Silver Horseshoes

The Trail of the Silver Horseshoes. Paperback, 160 pages, $19.95 www.sunstonepress.com

This collection of stories describes events or episodes in the life of a
varied group of individuals during the most dramatic period of American
history—the settlement of the American West. The reader will witness the
hardship and suffering of the Donner-Reed Party; the heroism of Portugee
Phillips, the messenger bringing news of the Fetterman Massacre; the tragic
events connected to Major John W. Powell’s exploration of the Grand Canyon;
and the disastrous effort of the Minnesota Sioux to drive the white interlopers
from their traditional hunting grounds. There is a glimpse of the rough and
tumble life in the gold rush towns of Alaska and Colorado, a failed attempt
at a robbery of a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, and the violent death of
Jack Slade, a former manager of a stage coach station in Julesburg, Colorado,
mentioned in Mark Twain’s book, Roughing It. Historical endnotes included.