JOHN FARKIS. Not Thinkin’ … Just Rememberin’

JOHN FARKIS. Not Thinkin’ … Just Rememberin’. BearManorMedia.com. 1,018 pages, softcover, $46,95; hardcover, $56.95; e-book, $24.

“Not Thinkin’…Just Rememberin’” is the story of John Wayne’s THE ALAMO told in the words of those who were there. Actors and actresses, crewmembers and extras, wranglers and stuntmen. All have shared anecdotes and observations of their time on the set. Drawing on published and unpublished sources, period newspapers and magazines, and over one hundred interviews, the book weaves these memories into an exciting and informative story. It sets the record straight on Wayne’s financial issues, a murder on the set, and gives new insight to John Ford’s directorial involvement.