LARRY BOUCHER. Ferris Station

LARRY BOUCHER. Ferris Station. Newman Springs Publishing. Hardcover, trade paperback, 210 pages, $30.90, $17.95. Amazon.

Jim Coker leads an undermanned troop of Union cavalry in the fight against marauding guerilla raiders in Kansas while John Jacobs, a vicious man with a personal vendetta against the owners of Ferris Station, leads a band of guerillas against the homesteaders of Southeastern Kansas. Tensions flare and spill over to the Arapaho Indian tribe. The violence escalates as the homesteaders make a stand at Ferris Station. Jim, working with the son of an Arapaho elder, must try to quell the possible Indian uprising and defeat Jacobs and his guerilla band. The stakes are high as he tries to save the woman he loves and the homesteaders at Ferris Station.