MARTHA ARZBERGER. One Hundred Sixty Acres of Dirt

MARTHA ARZBERGER. One Hundred Sixty Acres of Dirt: A History of the Pioneers of Kansas Settlement, Arizona Territory, 1909 and Stories, Including the Schoolmarm’s Pearl-Handled Pistol. Morgan James Publishing. Paperback, eBook, 240 pages, $21.95, $9.99, morgan-james-publishing.com

This book tells the tales of remarkable people—farmers, cowboys, pioneer women and schoolmarms and their journey dealing with rustlers, droughts, Apaches, and straying husbands. It is the story of how they persevered and survived. This is a carefully researched historical account of these stories that are filled with the emotions and passions of the people that lived them: their daily lives, joys, and tragedies.