MAX EVANS. Animal Stories: A Lifetime Collection

AnimalStoriesMAX EVANS. Animal Sories: A Lifetime collection. University of Oklahoma Press. $24.95, www.oupress.com.

Any fan of Max Evans knows that this one-of-a-kind author has a literary and lifetime connection with animals. Just look at the stories, novellas and novels that made him a living legend: The Rounders (about a cantankerous horse), “My Pardner” (about a Depression-era horse drive), “The One-Eyed Sky” (about a cow defending her calf from a hungry mother coyote with pups to feed) …. The list goes on. Cows, horses and other rangeland critters get their due in this wonderful, 26-story collection. For fans of Evans, Animal Stories feels like riding across the Hi Lo Country again. These classic stories, originally published between 1958 and 2007, are vivid, poignant, funny, but, above all, honest. For readers just discovering Evans, this collection provides a wonderful introduction to a cowboy’s respect for nature.