MEG MIMS. Double or Nothing

DoubleorNothing_500x750_-_CopyMEG MIMS. Double or Nothing. Blue Oyster Press. Trade paperback, eBook, $9.99, $2.99.

A follow-up tale to the Spur-winning Double Crossing has headstrong heiress Lily Granville in contention with the uncle she crossed the country, via the transcontinental railroad, to find. Sadly, her uncle has gotten greedy and plans to marry Lily off to one of his partners so he can gain control of her share of the Early Bird mine. Once again it is Ace Diamond to the rescue – or is it? When Ace is accused of murder, it is Lily who must clear his name. In addition to spot-on characterizations and spirited action, Mims works history into the plot. Another delightful tale set in the Victorian West.